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Heath Kane

Shoreditch-based controversial contemporary artist, Heath Kane was searching for a communications consultant to help increase press coverage and exposure of his screen prints collections. He was particularly keen to make the most of the recent inauguration of President Donald Trump due to his collection 'Masks of Fear' featuring Donald Trump in a Mexican wrestling mask, Kim Jong-un in Mickey Mouse ears and Putin in a Pussy Riot-esque balaclava.


To make the most of the small amount of time we had, I worked remotely from Somerset with Heath and developed a campaign that would target the right media at the right time. I used a combination of PR - pitching to relevant journalists at local, regional and national publications, alongside blogging on industry websites such as a-n. My journalistic way of thinking and knowledge meant that an ear was kept to the ground. I introduced this relatively new artist to journalists who had never heard of him or his work before.


This resulted in an interview and piece of national press coverage on (featured below) as the lead image and feature on Business Editor Rebecca Burn Callendar’s weekly business column.

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Heath Kane





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