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JDH. workshops help teams approach problem-solving in a different way and to develop communications strategies that will actually result in the growth of the business.


The workshops provide the perfect opportunity to bring teams together - teams that have perhaps found themselves up against barriers that have resulted in a stagnated way of working.


They are devised with your objectives in mind and depending on the size of your team will take anywhere between half a day - two days.​


There are currently two options for team strategy workshops:

  • Communications Strategy
    This will take your team through a series of activities that will help us identify your communications objectives, key messages and stakeholders. Using this we will then provide you with a strategy document, which will tell you exactly what you should be doing to help grow your business through PR and marketing activity. We will also identify any other business development points that should be considered eg. resource and recruitment.
  • Creative Problem Solving
    This is for the teams that might want to approach problem solving in a different way. This will help you find solutions through the eyes of someone else, proving that no idea is a bad idea and that everyone has a voice that should be listened to. Teams will take away a timeline of agreed actions and a plan that is ready to be implemented.

We can either bring these to you or you can go off-site and come to Frome.


Although we advise that teams of no less than four take part in these workshops, they can be adapted to small business owners and entrepreneurs who would like to develop their PR and marketing strategies.


Strategy workshops are run by Jess Hellens who has a track record of helping teams join together to take a step back and move on with a refreshed attitude; ready to get the work done efficiently.

Prices will vary depending on the size of your team.


To find out more please email



If you're a freelancer who would like to learn how to create their own PR and Marketing strategy, this workshop is for you:





Coming soon...


‘Back to basics’ workshops:


  • Understanding PR

  • The ‘ins and outs’ of social media marketing

  • Getting to grips with Google advertising


We will be hosting these for individuals who would like to understand the basics of PR, social media and Google advertising. They will be ticketed workshops and will be on sale in December, we will host them in January and February 2019 here in Frome.


Places will be limited so drop us a line if you would like to be notified when they go on sale.


We’re looking forward to helping your business grow!

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