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Extraordinary Bodies

Extraordinary Bodies is a partnership between Diverse City and Cirque Bijou. It is a  professional circus company that aims to show humans in their infinite diversity. They are committed to making accessible and inclusive work that changes the perception of circus and is, at the same time, highly entertaining.


As with most of our clients, we started with a workshop with the whole team to help us determine the key objectives and how the company would like to be perceived by the public via media coverage. Once these were established, we were able to create a communications strategy to promote the company and the current touring show “What Am I Worth?”, which launched in June 2018.


'What Am I Worth?" is a new outdoor circus show with original live music and groundbreaking physical moments. It has been made with 150 people from across the UK and Ireland, some of whom will perform in the show.

We ran a successful PR campaign that resulted in national, local, regional and industry coverage across TV, radio, newspapers, podcasts and online racking up over 1.4million views across the board.

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Extraordinary Bodies





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